Customer Testimonial


Making Factory Automation & Conveyors with IronCAD.

"We’re an unusual company, because we’re always focused on getting the best solution, the fastest one, and the most clear one to everybody. Our building here is also called the solution factory, because we want to encourage people, that they come up with new ideas every day. Our daily reminder is the way down into the workshop [a slide]. Because of this idea of thinking and this mindset, we are way more productive than our competitors are. We use about 20 seats of IronCAD. You can design in 3D way way faster than normal programs, and it’s so easy that even a 15 year old boy learns it within 2 days… We are very pleased we chose IronCAD back in 2009."

Johannes Schreiber, Engineering Manager.

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Robotunits has made a name for itself throughout the world with its standardized and universal Modular Automation System. In addition to the core business, the extrusion technology, the areas of belt conveyors, safety fence and linear motion systems have grown substantially in recent years. The main product philosophy “More with Less”, translates to time and cost savings for the customer in design, logistics, inventory and assembly. Robotunits operates globally and has production facilities in Austria, Germany, Italy, USA and Australia.

IronCAD helps facilitate the continual innovation at Robotunits, and fits with their innovative company mindset. IronCAD also helps Robotunits collaborate internally and externally, providing both customers and employees with access to powerful CAD data.

“We see ourselves as a learning organisation. We are constantly analysing and always trying to improve ourselves. It is like a sport, taking satisfaction in continuausly improving ourselves in order to make ourselves more efficient in all processes and areas.”
Christrian Beer, CEO.